Paint roller and tray with green paint
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TikTok's Clever Trick For Painting Behind A Toilet Is So Smart
TikToker @thegibbyhome shows how she created a design statement in her bathroom — without removing the toilet — by pre-painting shiplap panels and sliding them behind the fixture.
If you wish, you can first paint the adjacent walls and the ceiling for added effect. Then, purchase shiplap panels with vertical grooves on the reverse side from The Home Depot.
Flip the boards over to showcase the textured grooved side, and pre-paint them. Select paint that’s easy to keep clean, like satin or semi-gloss, as it will be in a splash zone.
Start in one corner and work across the wall, interlocking the panel edges and securing each board with a nail gun. You need about an inch between your toilet and wall to maneuver.
Cut the final board to size and remove the interlocking edge so that it simply sits flush against the corner and the prior board. You can also add a shelf or some art for effect.