Living room with exposed beams and shiplap ceiling
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TikTok's DIY Shiplap Design Is Ideal For Covering Popcorn Ceilings
Outdated popcorn ceilings are unattractive dust traps, but instead of going through the mess of removing them, an easier solution is to simply cover them up with popular shiplap.
HGTV designer Christina Hall recommends shiplap as a way to keep your home simultaneously up-to-date and classic while creating a tidy design that complements any decor scheme.
First, measure the ceiling you want to cover, then purchase as many shiplap planks as you need, along with some polyurethane construction adhesive to secure them to your ceiling.
Next, coat the back of the shiplap planks with a layer of adhesive, press them firmly onto your ceiling, then use a nail gun to secure them to the studs inside your ceiling.
When all the planks are in place, attach crown moldings to the ceiling perimeter with a nail gun and construction adhesive, then sand and paint the shiplap and moldings as desired.