A t-post used in fencing in the garden
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TikTok's Easy Hack Makes Removing
T-Posts A Breeze
T-posts can be challenging to remove, especially if buried quite deep into the ground.
If no amount of tugging or pulling has worked, try
using a hollow metal pole.
As TikToker @delancyacre showed, angle the metal pole against the t-post so it is leaning towards it, while also positioning it under one of the post's lower hooks.
It provides you leverage to pull the post from the ground easily. Now, you just need to grab the top of your t-post and push it against the metal pole, lifting simultaneously.
As you pull the t-post toward you, your metal pole at the bottom should also lean toward you. Repeat this movement as needed until the t-post slips out from the ground.
Opt for something wide when choosing a metal pole so the post has a lot of area to lean on. If you don't have one, try a piece of wood at least half the size of the t-post.