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TikTok's Genius Brush Trick Makes Painting Tricky Corners A Breeze
Paint is a great way to transform a space and breathe new life into a room’s design, though it can be difficult to get a professional look if you do it yourself.
Luckily, there are a few techniques for DIYers such as one hack for painting in tight places or small gaps that’s going viral on TikTok — the seashell method.
With the seashell method, you apply pressure to the brush to create a flat, round shape to resemble a seashell while holding the brush vertically.
The thin and flat edges allow the brush to slide easily into tight spots, apply paint without getting it on other features, and allow for more even paint distribution and coverage.
To use the seashell method, hold the paintbrush vertically and press the bristles into the wall. Use a gentle circular motion to fan the bristles out.
Once the brush is in a seashell shape, you can move it to paint the desired area. It’s important not to press too hard, which can lead to an uneven coat on the wall.