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TikTok's Genius Plastic Wrap Hack Keeps Your Paint Lid From Sticking
Paint sticking to the lid of your paint bucket can make it tricky to remove, but a hack involving plastic wrap can help you achieve an easily removable lid every time.
This TikTok hack can be done in just a few seconds. All you need to do is take a piece of Saran Wrap, place it taut over the opening of the can, and then put the lid on firmly.
With the Saran Wrap, the paint can lid should slip off with ease, and you should be able to reuse the same piece again and again without having to swap it out.
One of the reasons this hack works so well is because the Saran Wrap helps to "[create] a barrier and keep it airtight," according to @Hometalk on TikTok.
You should ensure that you remove any excess paint after using your can and placing the lid back on, as the paint could stick to the Saran Wrap, making it harder to get off.