Glass walled shower stall in a luxurious bathroom
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TikTok's Guaranteed Method For Cleaning
Your Glass
Shower Doors
Luxurious glass showers can be tough to clean due to the frequent buildup
of hard water stains and soap scum. Luckily, an electric-powered scrubber will easily do the job.
Once assembled, the device is fairly easy to use. As with any cordless appliance, keep your cleaning supplies at the ready so you can finish cleaning before
the battery runs out.
It's recommended that you use vinegar and baking soda as cleaning agents. They're great together on glass, as they help remove hard water stains and are completely non-toxic.
Discovered by TikToker @mackenzierharris, the electric spin scrubber is available under multiple brands, with the Keimi and Labigo versions available on Amazon for around $50.