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TikTok's Indoor Planter DIY Uses An Unexpected IKEA Item
Build an inexpensive yet gorgeously decorative indoor planter that you can place almost anywhere in your home with the help of an IKEA Västanhed photo frame.
As demonstrated by TikTok user @antisocialplantclub, disassemble your IKEA photo frame by removing the back, the glass front, and the piece of display paper inside.
Cut a piece of plastic net meshing to size so it fits inside the frame. Remove the inner frame piece, slip in the netting, then reinstall the inner piece and the frame’s back.
If you want to customize the look, paint it, and then your planter's base will be ready. Next, add the potting soil into the box's depth until it fills to just underneath the net.
Lastly, to transfer your plants into the DIY planter, make small holes in the soil through the net and place your plants. Lay the planter flat or at an angle anywhere in your home.