Neighbor peeps through a hole in the apartment wall, while a young lady looks at him
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TikTok's 'Landlord Special' Features A Simplified Way To Fix A Hole In The Wall
In a viral TikTok posted by Decorators Forum UK, which has already racked up over 25 million views, the account shares a not-so-professional way of repairing a hole
in the wall.
The video explains that to "fix" a hole, you can roll some paint over it, then place a sheet of paper over the gap, and finally, roll the paint right over the top of the paper.
Although in the post's caption the account owner did admit that "it isn't the perfect fix," it is alarming that they followed that up with "I know that this is fine on most jobs."
This baffling fix comes with plenty of flaws and left many commenters calling it the "landlord special," an amateurish renovation that does little other than
mask a problem.
There are many stories online showcasing "landlord specials," including botched paint jobs that completely cover fuse boxes, locks, or window sills, making them impossible to open.
Although it is the landlord's responsibility to ensure that a space is kept safe, some would rather save money than do the job right, so these rush jobs remain a popular option.