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TikTok's Outlet Tip Is Genius For Remembering Your Wall's Paint Color
Having lots of paint colors throughout your home can make it hard to remember what shades you used. Thankfully, @hometalk on TikTok has a nifty trick so that you'll never forget.
Just make a note in your outlet wall plate. This can be particularly helpful if you want to use the shade in another room or if you're moving and want to use the same paint colors.
Another great use of this trick is that, if you ever scratch your painted wall, you'll easily be able to make touch-ups with the right shade. Here’s how you can achieve this hack.
Remove an outlet cover from the wall with a screwdriver. Get your paint bucket and receipt to find the name of the paint's shade and brand, then create your note.
All of the paint information can be written on the back of the outlet cover, including extra details like the paint's finish. Finally, include a small dab of the paint itself.
Take a picture of your outlet cover note to back up the documentation, and make sure the dab of paint inside the outlet cover is dry before screwing it back on.