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TikTok's Pant-Hanging
Hack Is Genius
With this tuck-and-fold technique, you can hang pants in a way that increases overall closet visibility, declutters closet space, and makes it easier to navigate and locate items.
TikTok creator @lenniamc suggests folding one leg over the other to create a skinny piece of long fabric, with the back pockets visible on both sides of the fold.
Hold them upside down by their ankles, then grab a hanger with a bottom bar and put the bottom of the pants through the hanger.
Fold them over the bar below where the knee would hit. Then, grab the waist, pull them up to the top of the hanger, and hook the belt loop over the hanger's hook.
This technique not only eliminates pressure on the belt loops but also keeps the garments properly folded to minimize wrinkling and gives you
a crisper-looking closet.