Tomato seedlings in plastic pots
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Tiktok's Seed-Starting Alternatives For A Stronger, Healthier Garden
When starting seeds, one of the first things to consider is what type of containers you’ll use. While plastic plug trays are popular options, TikTok suggests some alternatives.
The biggest issue with plastic plug trays is how easily seedlings can become bound. Their roots run out of growing space and start growing in tangled circles.
Plastic trays are not sustainable, and less durable ones can wear out after only a few uses, leading to more landfills. They are also hard to clean and sanitize properly.
One popular sustainable alternative is soil blocking, where a specifically designed growing medium is compacted into a square using a press.
Seedlings are far less likely to become root-bound as this method allows growing roots that reach the edge of the soil block to be air-pruned instead of wrapping around.
Another option is to use homemade newspaper pots. These can become messy once the paper breaks down, but this method has resulted in healthy, happy seedlings.