Swiffer WetJet model
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TikTok's Swiffer WetJet Hack Comes With Major Savings
Refilling the WetJet bottle with your own homemade cleaning solution saves you money in the long term — and gets you the fragrance and clean you prefer with an easy DIY.
To turn a month-long use for one canister into a lifetime of cleans, all you’ll need is a wrench and your favorite floor cleaner to refill the canister.
The Swiffer WetJet bottle isn’t meant to be opened and refilled, but you can remove the cap by dunking it in boiling water for 30 seconds or more if needed.
Once the heat has loosened up the plastic, twist the cover clockwise with the wrench to remove the cap with ease. Now refill the container with a cleaning solution of your choice.
For hardwood floors, use vinegar, hot water, and a few drops of dish soap, and for tile flooring, swap vinegar with alcohol. Twist the cap until you hear the locking click.