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TikTok's Toilet Paper Hack Makes Planting Seeds A Breeze
One viral TikTok hack has been used to grow seeds fast. It involves dissolving some toilet paper into water, mixing seeds in, and putting the mixture in the areas you want to fix.
In a TikTok by seawitchh, she tosses a full roll into a bucket, fills half with water, and adds her seeds. She mashes the roll with her hands and throws the mix into her garden.
The hack works because toilet paper retains moisture for the seeds, which is crucial to help them germinate and grow well. It also keeps them from being carried away by the wind.
Before trying this, make sure your lawn is moist but not overwatered. Use a seed spreader or seed tape to ensure your seeds are evenly distributed on your lawn or garden.
Toilet paper and peppermint oil can be placed around your seeds so mice can’t disturb them as they grow. Toilet paper can also wipe the leaves of grown plants to clean them.
Empty toilet paper rolls can be made into a small DIY flowerpot to start a seedling and protect it from pests. Cut the roll in half and fold one side to create a closed bottom.