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TikTok's Trending Counters Are So Stunning They're Practically Art
According to TikTok, 2024's hottest kitchen counter trend is the luxurious cristallo gold quartzite. With a rich white base, it boasts creamy gray and striking golden veining.
"The cristallo gold quartzite is a magnificent piece of stone that looks more like art," says TikTok user @pacshoreonline. "[T]his slab will light up your room."
While it looks enthralling, the upgrade is very pricey. One slab of quartzite can cost $150 to $250 per square foot before the extra costs of shipping, cutting,
and installing.
Backlighting is not essential, but it brings out the beauty and glamor of the stone. Adding in backlighting will likely cost around $90 to $100 per square foot.
The stone's elegance doesn't work well with industrial, vintage, or colorful kitchens. The natural quartzite is very durable but prone to staining and must be sealed regularly.
These challenges aren't stopping eager TikTok users from flocking to cristallo gold quartzite. If you install it, note that it pairs best with cream tones and natural wood floors.
Cabinet colors like white, blue-green, and light gray work best. The material’s gold veining is best served by warm lighting, and gold faucets and handles are a great complement.