A person using a paintbrush to apply a wood stain to the top of patio set
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TikTok's Vinegar Hack Is A Genius Way To Stain Wood In
Your Kitchen
Though not a must-do task, staining wood stops water from seeping into the wood, protects against weather, and gives a piece of wood a nice look. All you need for this is vinegar.
TikToker @thesoutherncraftsmen starts by adding steel wool to a mason jar, pouring white vinegar until the wool's almost covered, and then putting the lid on.
Shake the jar firmly to mix everything, then poke a small hole in the lid using a sharp object. After a few days, the mixture will be ready to be used as a stain.
Now, dab your preferred brush into the white vinegar solution and apply it to the wood like you would any other stain. You'll get a wood surface that's extra dark in color.