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Tiktok's Viral Canopy Hack Is The Perfect Way To Shade Your Patio
Since even the cheapest patio canopy option doesn't really come cheap, try
the TikTok hack from @kenzieemac to build a canopy under $200 with just two posts and a sailcloth.
You’ll need two posts of pressure-treated lumber, preferably 4 inches by 4 inches by 10 feet tall, fast-setting concrete mix, a rectangular canopy sail, and an awning attachment.
Although optional, you can also get stylish planters and solar-powered string lights to elevate your patio canopy's aesthetic appeal.
Dig at least 1-foot holes and place the posts in their center. Surround them with fast-setting concrete, which you'll need to mix with water and allow to
set for 20-40 minutes.
If desired, you can cut holes out of the bottom of the planters and place them over the top of each post, which can then be filled with rocks, soil, and flowers.
Screw four pad eyes from the awning attachment in the posts and two sides of your house at the same height, all facing one another. Attach the canopy sail and the string lights.