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TikTok's Viral 'Mood Ring' Bathroom Features Color Changing Paint
There’s a viral video on the home renovation and DIY side of TikTok where user @robbyepicsauce and his friend painted an entire bathroom with “mood ring paint.”
The magical-looking bathroom is, quite literally, covered in this thermochromic product that shifts from a dark brown-black to bright green and blue with heat.
The paint, available at, is sold under the name “liquid crystal mood paint” and shifts between 12 colors, depending on the level of heat it’s exposed to.
The TikToker shows how a variety of things can change the color of the countertop, floor, and toilet as he uses his hand to create friction and transfer body heat to the paint.
The other user involved in painting the bathroom, @alispagnola, posted a video detailing how they created a color-changing bathroom.
Everything they wanted to paint had to be taken from the bathroom to their workshop, where they painted it black, before using a high-powered airbrush to spray on the final paint.
Once everything was dry, they could seal it with epoxy resin so that it was safe to use. They also painted the sink, countertop, and floor with the mood ring paint.
If you want a mood ring bathroom of your own, Solar Color Dust has instructions on their website that describe what to do and what to avoid when using their product.