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Tips That Can Help Revive Your Rotted Aloe Vera Plant
The aloe vera plant is hardy and easy to care for, but it still needs proper attention to thrive. Root rot, commonly caused by overwatering, can cause issues for your plant.
Signs of root rot include yellowing leaves that might fall at the slightest touch. You may detect a foul smell coming from the plant or its soil, along with dark, slimy roots.
Aloe vera plants are hard to kill, so you can take steps to revive the plant. First, remove the plant from its pot and use sterilized scissors to cut away damaged roots and leaves.
After pruning, sterilize the roots with undiluted 3% hydrogen peroxide. Let the plant air dry in a dry place for a few days until the cut areas become callused and hard.
Plant the aloe in a pot filled with a succulent mix or a mixture of potting soil, perlite, and coarse sand. A smaller pot helps prevent the remaining roots from overworking.
Water the aloe vera plant sparingly and avoid direct, harsh sunlight. Once it has developed a robust root system, it can be moved to a larger pot.
To prevent root rot, use a pot with drainage and avoid overwatering. Use the soak-and-dry method by deeply watering the plant and letting the soil dry out before watering again.