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Tips To Keep Your Hardwood Floors Cozy During Cold Winters
Hardwood floors can feel uncomfortably cold in the winter. Luckily, there are effective strategies to warm them up and reclaim the comfort that makes a house truly feel like home.
If the seals on your hardwood floors are worn down, cracks and gaps can develop and enlarge in the winter. For minor gaps, you can use a little wood putty to fill in the cracks.
It’s also important to check for any drafts in your home by putting your hand out toward the window, door, or chimney and seeing if it feels noticeably colder.
If it does, installing insulated glass windows, refitting your doors, and ensuring that your fireplace is completely sealed from the chimney should cut down on drafty air.
If your hardwood floors still feel cold, using thick area rugs will provide a layer between your feet and the wood floor. You can even put them near large windows or drafty doors.
Wool, cotton, or velvet curtains are also great insulators that can keep hardwood floors warm. Or you can try adding an insulation panel to your current set using flannel fabric.