Plastic Great Horned Owl decoy used for scaring birds away
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Tips To Make Your Outdoor Pest Decoys Most Effective
Birds are a welcome element to a relaxing backyard, but there are times when they can become a major nuisance. Decoys like fake owls or snakes can deter them, but there is a catch.
Decoy owls and rubber snakes make an impact initially, but since most of them sit still, birds figure out they're fake as time passes. Movement will help deter birds long-term.
Modern decoys dangle on a wire or spin while emitting sounds that scare away many types of birds. These come in owl and eagle versions, and some even look like stuffed cats.
Besides decoys, one tried-and-true bird hazing method is an eyespot balloon. These blow-up balls have holographic eyes that trick birds into thinking they're following them.
Dangle the balloons from trees to blow in the breeze for the best effect. These are also cost-effective, as you can often find a multi-pack for less than a single owl decoy.