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To Prevent Algae In Your Bird Bath, Grab Your Wallet
Bird baths are a great way to attract wildlife to your yard, but they can lead to algae and bacterial growth. To prevent this, simply reach into your wallet and grab some pennies.
Place a few pennies at the bottom of your bird bath. The copper in the pennies will release ions that slow the algae growth in the water, keeping it clean for longer.
While large quantities of copper can be harmful to some birds, small amounts are safe. Since many birds are attracted to shiny objects, the pennies may also help attract them.
Pre-1982 pennies work best for this hack, as they have a higher ratio of copper to other metals like zinc, which is toxic to birds. Replace the pennies every few months.
Remember that while copper pennies will help keep the bird bath’s water clean, you should still replace the water when you water your garden or yard, especially in warmer climates.