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Toothpaste Is The Secret To Removing Pesky Furniture Watermarks
If you didn't put a coaster under your beverage, your furniture may have white watermarks. Luckily, using toothpaste will easily and affordably save your furniture.
Squeeze a liberal amount of traditional white toothpaste — avoid gel or whitening types — on a clean, soft rag and rub the toothpaste
on the white rings.
Massage the toothpaste into the wood in the same direction as the grain without being too aggressive. You should see the white circles fade and eventually disappear.
If there's no significant change, scrub lightly with a soft-bristled toothbrush for no more than a minute. Wipe residual toothpaste with a cloth and apply wood polish.
For tougher milk-colored marks, mix baking soda in
a 50/50 ratio to increase toothpaste's abrasive powers. Apply exclusively to the white rings and repeat the process if necessary.
The faster you act, the more effective this hack is. If you treat the marks while they're still milky or opaque, it'll — at the least — fade the marks so they are less noticeable.
To enhance the results of this hack, apply thick towels on the marks before buffing to extract as much moisture from the wood as possible, increasing toothpaste's alkaline quality.