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Top 3 Ways To Make A Traditional Kitchen Feel More Modern
An older traditional kitchen may be cozy and comforting, but a modern home comes with a lot of new gadgets that make a kitchen more trendy and energy efficient while maximizing your storage. There are many ways to revamp your kitchen, but these are the three most effective ways to make your home feel more contemporary.
Cabinets are an effective way to modernize your kitchen, so start with small changes like updating the hardware to a metallic finish. Paint them white, black, or gray, with two different tones for your bottom and top cabinets, or vertically lengthen them to make your kitchen appear taller and more spacious.
Adding a low-hanging light above your kitchen island or dining space creates a modern aesthetic. For a more trendy look, change out your current lighting for flushed ceiling lights, colored LED strips, and surface mount fixtures, and add a dimmer to easily change lighting throughout the day.
Upgrading to energy-efficient appliances will make your kitchen more modern and convenient to use. Stainless steel appliances like industrial stoves add value to your home while revamping your kitchen, and you’ll save a ton on your energy bill.