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Top 3 Ways To Make Your Closet Seem Larger
Organize your belongings using matching bins, baskets, and hangers to make the space feel more cohesive. Use every space in your closet, even the top shelf, and give anything that’s on the floor a place to be, whether that’s hanging it up or storing it in a bin.
No Doors
Take off your closet doors for a trendy open floor plan, and you’ll also gain a lot more flexibility in how you use the space. You won’t have to worry about opening doors, and because the inside of your closet is visible, you’ll become more conscious of keeping it organized.
Clean It Out
Go through every item in your closet and determine what you want to keep, throw out, or donate. Avoid buying trendy clothes by making a “clothes capsule” with timeless pieces you’ll always wear, and rotate your items based on the current season while storing what you won’t use.