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Top 3 Ways To Make Your Living Space More Calming
A calming environment is essential when dealing with stress or simply to help out your mental health. However, this doesn’t mean your space will be unproductive and unwelcoming, it’ll actually provide you with more energy, make your guests feel at home, and help you fall asleep faster.
Embrace Natural Light
Make opening your shutters or curtains a part of your morning routine as natural light encourages feelings of happiness and productivity that can transform your mood and your room. Natural light also kills bacteria, creating a healthy, tranquil living space.
Remove Clutter
Having too many belongings in a space can make it feel cluttered, even if it’s completely organized. Try storing away some of your things in bins or baskets, and get rid of any nonessential items that bring you negative energy.
Choose Paint Wisely
Bold colors can increase your heart rate while muted, neutral colors like white, beige, taupe, or muted gray can bring you some relaxation. If you want color, choose green or blue furniture and décor as they are some of the most calming color choices.