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Top 3 Ways To Protect Your House From Hurricanes
Hurricanes can rip through your house in a matter of seconds; in the Atlantic, hurricane season usually lasts from June through November, while in the Pacific, it starts earlier in mid-May. Whether it’s a category 1 hurricane that causes the least amount of damage or a category 5 that wreaks havoc, you will want to be prepared.
Board Up Windows
Entrances into your home are the most vulnerable during a storm, and if a window gets broken, your home can be accessible to rain, debris, and animals. Shutters can easily board up your windows and are likely already installed, or you can put plywood over them.
Revamp Your Roof
Metal roofing is the best for protecting your home, but if you want something more stylish, try architectural shingles. Although more expensive, these shingles will last long and protect your home from disasters, or you can use steel hurricane clips to hold your roof in place.
Secure Loose Objects
Outdoor items such as tables, pools, and kids’ toys can easily be picked up by the wind, so you need to bring them inside. For larger items, tie them down with ropes or straps, or if you have a pool, place waterproof items inside to weigh it down.