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Top 4 Mistakes You Should Never Make When Looking At Apartments
Today’s first-time homeowner is, on average, older than at any time since 1981, so renting an apartment has become a typical part of adult life. Apartments are ideal for those who want to live in a city environment and save on maintenance costs, but here are some things to avoid when apartment hunting.
Peak Moving Season
Rental rates are often listed at their highest from summer through September as a crowd of college students begins looking for places. You can usually slash the price by $50 to $150 per month by looking for apartments in the winter when demand isn't as high.
Commute Time
Although an apartment may be cheaper in a different area or have great amenities, the amount of time and money you’ll spend on your daily commute doesn’t make these advantages worth it. Also, consider the physical and mental toll of having long commutes during rush hour.
The Neighborhood
It’s best to visit your apartment on separate days and times to really get a feel for what your neighborhood will be like on both the weekends and weekdays. Your community is important, so consider what stores and activities are available in the area, as well.
Data And Coverage
It’s essential to know about your apartment's data and internet access, especially if you work from home. When touring your apartment, take out your phone and try to make a call, stream a video, or send a message to get a better idea of its coverage.