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Top States To Spend Your Retirement In
With about 50 million adults over the age 55 in the United States, retirement is both longed for and feared, and it is important to keep in mind what your quality of life, housing affordability, and general living costs will be. Most prefer to retire in their own state, but some states may offer better health care, weather, and recreation activities.
Besides sweltering humidity, extreme weather, and alligators, Florida is considered one of the best places to retire due its affordability and abundance of retirement communities. Along with no estate taxes or income tax, there is a bonus for retirees who still want to work part-time, but Florida’s downfall lies within the quality of health care offered.
In other parts of the country, the Mountain West region has become very popular with retiring adults, and Arizona has become a sought-after destination. Alaska, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Minnesota, and Hawaii are also considered good options, but it is essential to look at what your personal needs are and set aside money to enjoy your golden years.