Red cardinal eating from a feeder in garden on a snowy winter day
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Transform A Used Gallon Milk Jug Into A Functional Bird Feeder
Making a feeder to attract more birds to your yard is fun, cheap, and easy with this hack from TikTok creator @jesseandthemunchkins, which repurposes an empty gallon milk carton.
Apart from looking lovely, birds benefit your garden by removing insect pests and weeds. Plus, with this hack, you’ll be upcycling the plastic instead of sending it to a landfill.
In addition to a clean and dry milk carton, you’ll need two straight, thin sticks that are longer than the carton is wide; a cutting blade; a marker; and a length of twine or rope.
Begin by drawing a hole on each side of the jug, big enough for birds to pass through, and cut it out. Make another hole below it, just the right size to snugly fit your sticks.
Push a stick through the small hole until it reaches the opposite side of the carton, and then make a hole that side so that the stick crosses the jug and sticks out both sides.
Repeat on the next side so that the two sticks run perpendicular to each other, protrude from beneath each feeding hole to form a perch for the birds, and support the feeder.
Lastly, make holes near the lid for the rope or twine, then fill the jug with bird feed and hang it on a tree or a post. To attract more birds, try painting the jug red and yellow.