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Transform Old Coffee Mugs Into Chic Wall Art With One Simple DIY
The best way to preserve old mugs and teacups is to break them into small pieces and use those to make a mosaic for your wall. Colorful or intricately designed ceramics are ideal.
First, grab a base to lay the mosaic. Trays, pans, and other containers with sides work well to keep everything in place, but a piece of plywood or a blank canvas will do, too.
If you want a specific design, start by planning a general sketch on the base. For something more abstract, you can add the bits as your creative spirit moves.
To break your mug into workable chunks, put it inside a plastic bag covered by a towel and pound it with a hammer, or use a mosaic nipper or glass cutter to create specific shapes.
Apply the shards and optional accents — like beads, crystals, pebbles, and mirrors — to your base with some adhesive or pre-mixed mosaic grout, leaving a little space in between.
Use a putty knife and a grout float to smooth a thin layer of adhesive over the mosaic and lock it in place. With a wet cloth, wipe the adhesive off surfaces you want uncovered.
You can also use ModPodge as your adhesive and clear coat for a clean finish. Once your mosaic is fully dry, add hanging hardware or wire to your creation and hang it on the wall.