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Transform This Basic IKEA Find And Create A Stunning Storage Chest
The IKEA Moppe mini storage chest is a favorite for inspiring creative upgrades. Here’s how to turn it into a wall-mounted storage chest to organize all your treasured items.
Rather than just plopping it on top of a desk or shelf, try elevating the unit by mounting it to the wall and adding a stunning feathered stripe pattern for extra joie de vivre.
First, remove all drawers and use wood glue and clamps to secure three Moppe units together in a vertical tower. Once dry, flip the drawers so the solid back panels face forward.
Reposition the drawers in your desired configuration and lay the unit on its back, using painter's tape to firmly apply vertical stripes along all visible sides of the tower.
Use another piece of tape as a spacer between stripes to guide the placement. Then, use a medium wood stain on visible areas and remove the tape to reveal the stripe pattern.
For hardware, try wood beads affixed with natural jute twine. Tie a knot larger than the hole in the bead and slide the bead over the two loose ends to hold it in place in front.
Slide the ends of the twine into a drilled hole in the drawer, knotting it inside the drawer to secure the bead in place. Then use two D-rings to attach the unit to the wall.