Bright, modern bedroom
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Transform Your Basic Bedroom With These Modern DIY IKEA Projects
Mushroom Lamp
Remove the plastic top of the IKEA Sluka coffee pot, attach the IKEA Barlast lamp fixture to it with J-B Weld Epoxy, and add the 11-inch IKEA Blanda Blank bowl on top.
Room Divider
Stain three IKEA Ivar shelf sides, join them together with hinges, staple on some burlap to cover each section, then slot dowels into the holes for hanging storage.
Side Table
Use Liquid Nails to assemble the IKEA Nypon, Snudda, and Rödeby into a fluted pedestal side table, then apply stone texture spray and gray paint for a concrete effect.
Wall Sconce
Make a wireless wall sconce to illuminate any area using IKEA's Blanda Matt 11-inch wooden serving bowl, spray paint, stone texture spray, and a rechargeable puck light.
Turn the IKEA Stolthet cutting board into a mini book stand by gluing large, wooden beads to each corner of the board’s flat side as feet, then flipping it upside down.