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Transform Your Cluttered Closets With This IKEA Storage System
If you’re tired of wading through mountains of clothes to get dressed, IKEA’s budget-friendly Boaxel storage system can reorganize your closet and make things easier to find.
TikTok user @saraochkevin demonstrates how to maximize your closet space, especially if you have lots of miscellaneous items needing a home, like jewelry, books, or knick-knacks.
Measure your space to ensure the Boaxel will fit. You can get a 49 ⅛-inch-wide one that’s 79 or 39 ⅝ inches tall, or a smaller one that’s 79 inches tall and 32 or 25 inches wide.
Empty out your closet and assemble your new storage system with an electric screwdriver. Add the baskets if your system has them, then pack all your clothing neatly into place.
Customize the IKEA Boaxel to your space and storage needs by buying extra shelves or baskets or by adding LED lights to help you see at night. Plus, you can use it in other rooms.