House with a swimming pool in the side garden
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Transform Your Small Side Garden With These Clever Ideas
Add A Private Pond
Side gardens can be used for ponds that suit your taste and fit into your available area, blending into existing gardens or surrounded by newly planted greenery.
Create A Dining Space
You can also create a dining area, ranging from a full outdoor kitchen to a basic table and chairs setup decorated with plants and possibly an awning or roof.
Build A Catio
Setting up a catio in your side garden can serve as a safe outdoor area for your cats, where you can also plant catnip for their enjoyment.
Put In A Sandbox
A sandbox in the side garden provides a secluded play area for your kids. You can keep it tidy with mowed grass or let plants grow around it
for a fun vibe.
Install A Hot Tub
You can install a hot tub in the side garden. Choose one that fits well, surround it with a wooden platform and lights, and complete it with ferns and palms.