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Transplant Hydrangeas Like A Pro With Martha Stewart's Helpful Tips
In an interview with Marlo Thomas, Martha Stewart suggests focusing on the roots and how you dig out your hydrangeas when moving them, as they’re very prone to transplant shock.
She advises, “Prune it down quite low and dig it up quite large. [...] really dig a nice well around the base [...] Try not to lose too much of the soil around the roots."
Start by digging a hole twice the size of the plant’s root ball. Then, dig up the plant in a way that retains as much of the root ball as possible in order to prevent damage.
Prune back some of the top growth to reduce stress on the roots further. After moving the plant, fill the hole with the soil, water it thoroughly, and apply some mulch at the base.
Keeping hydrangeas hydrated is crucial before and after transplantation. Stewart says via YouTube, "Water it in and keep watering and feeding it 'til it gets re-established."