Wasp in a nest
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Try Installing This Nest To Keep Wasps Out Of Your Garden All Summer Long
Fake wasp nests that mimic the appearance of paper wasp nests encourage wasps to seek out other areas for colony building, preventing them from making your garden their home.
However, this method only applies to the species referred to as paper nest-building wasps, mainly including yellow wasps, paper wasps, and hornets.
These wasps gather wood fiber from plants and chew it to create paper-like material and a unique nest shape.
You should hang these faux wasp nests in the springtime before the weather gets warm for them to have any effect.
Since only mated queen wasp survives colder months, hanging a faux wasp nest before she wakes up from her seasonal hibernation prevents her from building a colony.
Place fake nests in areas where wasps usually congregate, like in the eaves of your patio, near a swing set, on a tree, or under building overhangs.
Late summer and fall see increased wasp activity, as worker wasps collect other insects as their protein source for the colony's babies. So, don't remove the fake nest too early.