Weather wooden posts and rusted bolts on a Groyne at low tide.
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Try These Clever Tricks To Prevent Metal From Rusting
Chalk’s absorbent properties can help prevent rusting to some extent. Many HVAC specialists and carpenters put a few sticks into their toolboxes to keep the contents dry.
Break up chalk into a fine powder and put it with metal items in a sealable plastic bag to absorb moisture. This is particularly useful for items like jewelry, screws, or bolts.
Petroleum Jelly
Many mechanics rely on this medicine cabinet staple to keep their tools pristine by forming a moisture barrier and protecting them from oxidation.
Ensure the metal surface is clean and dry, then apply a thin, even layer of Vaseline, with extra attention to exposed areas like joints, crevices, and edges. Reapply as needed.
Uncooked Rice
Uncooked rice causes hygroscopy, the attraction and holding of water molecules via absorption. Use this to lower humidity in tool chests, tackle boxes, and gun safes.
Place a generous amount of uncooked rice in a dish or porous bag. The grains will absorb moisture from the air; they should be replaced once they swell.
As the name suggests, a light coat of WD-40 (WD stands for water displacement) can help keep the moisture away and prevent rusting. However, it’s better for short-term use.
Evenly spray clean metal and let it sit so the solution can seep into the tiny spaces on the surface, wiping away excess. Spray frequently if your metal is outside or used a lot.
Nail Polish
Car and bike enthusiasts use clear nail polish to seal paint chips as it can help slow the formation of rust until the damage is properly treated and repainted.
Simply apply a thin, even layer over the top and just outside the damaged area. Seamlessly hide the patch on high gloss or matte paints with a matching finish of clear nail polish.