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Try These IKEA Storage DIYs To Reduce Clutter In A Tiny Kitchen
Hanging Rod
Mount an IKEA hanging rod on the kitchen wall or inside a cabinet door. Add S-hooks to hang pots and mugs, and hanging baskets and curtain rings to hold lighter items.
Spice Rack
Attach some IKEA Bekvam spice racks together; screw a hanging rod onto the bottom; add S-hooks, hanging baskets, or curtain rings to it; and mount the unit on a wall.
Magazine File
Fasten IKEA magazine files to the inside of a cupboard or pantry door as hanging storage bins. Choose from Tjabba cardboard, Trummis rattan, plastic, or wire options.
Turn IKEA Kallax shelves into a bench seat by laying it on its back and attaching a piece of wood to the open side with hinges. You can then store items in the shelf spaces.
Install a pegboard on your kitchen wall and customize it to your storage needs. Combine it with IKEA's Skadis wall shelving that uses hooks, containers, and elastics.