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Try This IKEA DIY To Create A Stunning Home Library Wall
IKEA's BESTÅ cabinets can easily be repurposed into a gorgeous DIY home library wall. BESTÅ is a great option to use as a base because it's infinitely customizable.
TikTok user @petanikelphotography posted their transformation of some IKEA BESTÅ cabinets into a full media center, with bookshelves flanking a mounted TV space.
After marking their wall with painter's tape to indicate where the cabinets would be lined up, the TikToker makes sure the carpet is pulled back, leaving a flat, solid subfloor.
The user starts with one of the tall outer cabinets. If one of these is going to stand in a corner and the other is not, start with the one not in the corner to use it as a guide.
The TikTok video cuts to the bottom cabinet and opposite outer cabinet being installed, with trim tracing along the inner perimeter of the space created by these three units.
If you're doing all bookshelves, repeat the first cabinet process as you work toward the corner. To make it look built-in, the user used edge pieces or trim to fill in any gaps.