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Try This IKEA IVAR Hack For Easy Towel Storage In A Small Bathroom
Small bathrooms might present a challenge if you want to add chic towel storage, but you can creatively use an IKEA IVAR side unit to create a ladder-style rack that saves space.
This rack lets you hang toiletry bags, towels, or even baskets to hold necessities. All you'll need is wood filler, paint, and a couple of hobby store knick-knacks.
First, fill up the small holes along each vertical plank of IKEA IVAR side units with wood filler, which costs $11 at Home Depot, for a consistent, more aesthetic look.
Next, use sandpaper or a buffer to clean up the planks and cut the bottoms diagonally with a hand saw so the shelf can rest against the wall at an angle and sit flat on the floor.
Now, paint the shelf to match your decor, or use neutral colors for a clean look. You can also weather your wood with nails or other tools to distress the sides for a vintage look.
If you plan to stain them instead, tape the horizontal rungs before you paint. Staining will allow you to match any other wood in the bathroom and keep a more natural element.