A cluttered, messy closet
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Smart Method
To Free Up Storage Space In Your Closet
Organize your closet better and free up space by separating and placing each clothing item in small, zippered, transparent bags, then storing them upright in a bin in your closet.
Get clear bags so you can see through them and identify the items. You'll also need some kind of bin to stack the bags upright so you can easily flip through and access them.
While TikToker Caitlin Jaymes offers Bikini Organizing Bags Deluxe (10 pack), you can also use 16.7x12.4 inch Mesh Zipper Pouch bags, which are slightly less transparent.
You can label the bags or print photos of your clothes and place them in the appropriate bag for better identification. Always place one item per bag, and store the bags upright.