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Try Tiktok's Lawn Mowing Hack To Give Your Grass
A Hands-
Free Trim
TikTok creator FJerry shared a hands-free way to beautify your lawn and keep it at the right length by tying the lawnmower to a stake and launching it in a circular pattern.
In their viral TikTok video, the creator employs clever backyard engineering by using a sturdy stake or fence post, a long rope, and a self-propelled mower.
Bury a stake in the center of the lawn, tie a rope to the stake, and ensure it's stable. Keeping the rope taut, step away from the stake until you reach the end of the mowing area.
Walk in a circle around the stake to make sure there won't be any fences, rocks, garden plants, or patio furniture pieces within the mower radius, then cut
the rope to length.
Attach the rope to the side body of your mower, clear from the blades and wheels. You can also drill a spring into the mower's body, then tie the rope to the spring.
Start the mower and give it a push to start it in the right direction. Use another rope or a bungee cord to hold down the safety handlebar.
As the mower powers forward, the rope will slowly pull it in an inward spiral. While the hack works, it might take a bit of trial and error to perfect.
If the stake is too thin,
the mower will pass over mowed areas several times and take a long time to finish, and if it's too thick, the mower may skip some sections in the yard.