Woman organizing a closet.
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Try Using These 10 Items To Organize Your Clothes Like A Pro
1. Save Space With Slim Hangers
Thinner hangers can create more room and make things look tidier. Velvet is a popular choice, but you can also find metal, acrylic, rubber, and wooden hangers in slimline shapes.
2. Separate The Shelves
Sliding a few dividers along the shelf above the closet rod keeps things tidied. These organizers are available in acrylic, plastic, metal, and even fabric material.
3. Put Pants In Prime Position
Open-ended pant hangers mostly come in metal with a rubber grip to keep the pants in place. With the end opened outward, sliding pants on and off the hanger couldn’t be easier.
4. Bin Bulky Things Up
Store bulkier items in bins and slide them on and off a shelf for easy access. File fold and place your clothes vertically in containers to be able to see everything you’ve stored.
5. Label It All
Mark plastic containers with a label and attach the tape to the edge of a shelf. Labeling your clothes will keep them separated, easier to find, and easier to put away.