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Turn A Paper Bag Into A Functional Planter With This Sustainable Hack
With a mere paper bag, you can create your own custom-sized, compostable planters using this TikTok hack. It’s ideal for potting up seedlings or adding flair to your home decor.
Remove the bag’s handles, then cut along its side seam and snip out the bottom. Fold the paper and cut it in half, then fold longwise and cut in half again to make four rectangles.
Take one sheet and fold a long side down around ½ inch and then unfold it to leave a crease. You’ll also need a block to help shape your planter — a short length of 4-by-4 will do.
Line up the short edge of the block with the creased long edge of the paper. Fold the paper around the block and fold the other end closed, just as if you were wrapping a gift.
Remove the block and fold the edges of the open end inwards, guided by the crease you made earlier, and voilà. Your free, custom-sized, compostable planter is now ready to use.