Pool noodles in vibrant colors
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Turn A Pool Noodle Booster Into A Custom Planter With This Hack
Planters can be costly, so finding DIY solutions can be a smart move. Fortunately, you can turn a pool noodle booster into an inexpensive, chic planter for your faux flowers.
For this hack, use a ridged pool noodle booster and some Quikrete from Home Depot. Incorporating concrete into your interior will produce a modern vibe that can match many themes.
Put on some disposable gloves and mix about three scoops of Quikrete with enough water to make a paste. Place the booster on a flat surface and scoop the mixture onto the booster.
Use your fingers to add the Quikrete everywhere to the booster, including any ridges or divots, so that when it dries, your planter doesn’t have any color peaking out.
Don't forget to add some of the mixture inside the booster so that it covers the foam and resembles a concrete planter. Let the pool noodle dry, then add in fake foliage.