Orange and green pool noodles
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Turn A Pool Noodle Hack Into A Festive Halloween Wreath
If you're looking for a budget-friendly way to get into the Halloween spirit, spruce up your home with a festive homemade wreath made from a pool noodle.
This DIY project comes from TikTok user @bimbohippe, who explains that you only need two basic pieces to make your own wreath: a pool noodle and tape.
Consider choosing a seasonally appropriate color for your pool noodle, like purple or orange. Take it a step further by picking tape in a matching color.
Start by bending your pool noodle into a circle and taping the sides together. Then, customize it with decorations like pumpkins, ribbons, and fall flowers.
How you decorate the wreath is all up to you. Consider using purple, white, and black florals, plastic spiders, glittery ribbons, plastic ghosts, or faux spider webs.