Yellow and red pool noodles (water logs) on pool in evening sunshine.
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Turn A Pool Noodle Into A Moss Pole To Help Your Plants Thrive
Buying moss poles can be an unnecessary added expense. Thankfully, you can make your own at home effectively by using a regular pool noodle.
Girlswholuvgreen on TikTok made a DIY moss pole by cutting a pool noodle to the desired length and poking holes all over with what looks like a screwdriver and a head massager.
Then she stuffs some of the moss material into the holes and makes flat sheets to wrap around the pool noodle, securing everything by wrapping twine and knotting tightly.
She works in small sections all the way from one end of the pool noodle to the other and finally hangs the pole, adding baby plants by stuffing them into the moss.
When choosing materials to make your moss pole, you can use sphagnum moss, sheet moss, or coconut fiber sheet, along with twine, jute, or fishing line.
When aerial roots from the baby plants come into contact with the moss pole, it can actually provide micronutrients and signal the plant to grow even bigger leaves.