Pool noodles floating in swimming pool
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Turn A Pool Noodle Into Beautiful Beachy Decor With This Creative DIY
To create an expensive-looking nautical theme in your home doesn't have to be costly. You can DIY nautical pilings from pool noodles to decorate an entryway or mantelpiece.
Nautical pilings are thick wooden posts, tied together and submerged deep into the ground below a body of water, which boat docks and jetties can then be built around.
For this hack, you'll need pool noodles, decorative nautical rope, white acrylic paint, sponge brushes, wood-grain contact paper, a medium bristle brush, glue gun, and sticks.
Cut pool noodles into varying lengths, cover them with contact paper in a vertical wood grain pattern, and apply a whitewash using diluted white paint for an aged wood look.
Glue the dried pilings in sets of three, wrap rope around their base, and adorn them with a pelican figurine for extra flair, thereby achieving authentic coastal decor on a budget.