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Turn A Simple Ikea Trash Can Into A Chic DIY Patio Planter
Repotting plants allows them to grow larger, but finding a cheap, spacious pot can be hard. For this reason, TikTok user @occassionofjoy uses the $2 Fniss trash cans from Ikea.
The Fniss is the perfect size for any plant. In addition, each can holds up to 3 gallons of waste, so it's strong enough to hold heavy soil and keep your plant from tipping over.
Set up your materials before drilling six to seven holes at the trash can's bottom. Evenly space out the holes so the water can properly drain without clogging any areas.
After loosening the soil in your plant’s current pot, lift it by the base and remove it. Place it in the Fniss, add soil, water it, and allow excess water to drain from the bottom.
To give short plants some height, stack two trash cans together. Turn one can upside down and stack another on top right side up, gluing the bottoms together.