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Turn An IKEA Shelving Unit Into A Chic Hanging Planter With This Hack
If your living space needs a bright touch of mother nature, you'll love this hack to transform an IKEA shelf into a hanging wall planter perfect for indoor or outdoor use.
Blogger and DIYer Medina Grillo created this hack with IKEA's HYLLIS metal shelving unit. To try it yourself, assemble the HYLLIS shelf and cut the corners to fit against the wall.
Cut three wooden planks to your desired shelf length — Grillo chose to make them 23 ½ inches long and 5 ½ inches wide.
Detach the HYLLIS corner brackets from their original metal shelves, and pre-drill holes in the brackets for the shelves, spacing them 9.25 inches apart.
Drill additional holes in the brackets to attach them to the wall. Spray paint the corner brackets black, bronze, or whatever other color you'd like.
Use a hole saw kit to cut holes in the wood big enough for the pots to fit without falling through. Stain and seal the wood with polyurethane, then attach it to the metal frames.
Once complete, attach the shelf to the wall, and add your pots. You don't have to limit yourself to just plants — experiment organizing art utensils, pens, or tools.